We are an online marketing agency that specializes in membership sites & marketing automation for online businesses.

We work diligently with our clients to get their membership site professionally designed and on brand, extremely functional, and one that generates leads and produces revenue. And most importantly, keeps member attrition down. Your clients won’t want to cancel their membership because they get such tremendous benefit from your materials, coaching and services!

We create systems and processes to building your membership site so that nothing is overlooked, you don’t have to fret about tech issues and you get the membership site of your dreams.

We also offer marketing automation, which I believe is the cornerstone to every online business: the ability to automate their marketing to increase the efficiency of their business and close as many leads as possible, all while enjoying their life and not working 80 hour weeks.

We can handle all your marketing automation needs including calendar automation, lead magnet creation and campaigns, purchase campaigns for amazing client delivery, sales pages that generate sales, product launches that are successful and more.

Our mission is to use our expertise to leverage marketing automation strategy

and technology for your business success.

We are masters at Marketing Automation! We have worked with some of the top online marketers including Fabienne Fredrickson, Christian Mickelsen, Christine Kane, Ali Brown, Gina DeVee, Brendan Kane, Elizabeth Purvis and Rachel Rodgers.

Working with and supporting clients who are industry leaders is a common scenario for us. As a client, you are working with professionals that have taken five figure businesses and launched them into six & seven figures!

We work with clients at various levels of business, however our depth of expertise best supports the experienced professional who understands how to leverage a support team, is clear on marketing goals, and is ready to “go big”! Our team of experts understand the key systems and technology necessary to leverage your marketing and launch goals.

Fabienne Fredrickson

Christian Micklesen

Christine Kane

Ali Brown

Gina DeVee

Brendan Kane

Elizabeth Purvis

Rachel Rodgers

Sharon is one of the most detail oriented Virtual Assistants I know. She is organized and always stays on task. She is also always ready to suggest new and creative ways to improve work flow and office efficiency for her clients. She is a great team player and is a major asset to any entrepreneur or large organization. I am always looking to find a way to work with Sharon. She is a true professional.

- Carolyn Fox Berg, Executive Assistant, ghSMART

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